Tasty Music on YouTube & Twitch

As you may know Tasty supports YouTube Music community and we love hearing our music releases in your content! We have been asked frequently if our music can be used and monetized on YouTube & Twitch.

We allow our music to be monetized on non commercial and user-generated content for YouTube & Twitch as soon you respect the artist and us by following our crediting requirements.

To use Tasty Release as your background music, you must include the following information in your video description on YouTube:

  • Music Released by Tasty
  • Song Title
  • Music Video
  • Label Channel
  • Album Download


Music Released by Tasty
Song title: TheFatRat – Windfall
Music Video: https://youtu.be/Bamvg4Icmi0
Label Channel: http://youtube.com/TastyNetwork
Album Download: http://tasty.network/001album

Crediting templates can be found at the end of our release video descriptions.

If you are selling any type of video content including our music, you must contact us with a licensing request.

Music Licensing: licensing@tastynetwork.com (TV, Advertisements, Games, Movies, Events etc.)

Requirements to use our releases as your background music in your Twitch streams is the following:

  • Banner featured on your Twitch Channel
  • Label Channel

Banner Download: CLICK HERE

These requirements doesn’t apply to our music being uploaded by YouTube Music Curators (Promoters/Tastemakers).

If you are running a channel that wants to support and feature our releases on your channel please include the following in the video description:

  • Purchase & Streaming Links (iTunes/Spotify)
  • Artist Social Links
  • Label Social Links

You can upload our releases after they have been uploaded on our channel and officially released on digital stores. Making long mixes of our releases and uploading/monetizing them is not allowed.

Tasty’s YouTube channel also operates as curator/tastemaker in partnership with other labels and artists so be aware that our releases can be filtered by finding ‘Tasty Release’ on video title or following our Soundcloud which contains only our official releases.